Our 2017 series of rejuvenating retreats will be kicking off with a retreat designed by Madeleine Karlsson, aka MK Pilates Monaco

This retreat is based around healthy movement and is designed for those who want to get stronger, leaner and improve their mobility, flexibility & posture while having fun and indulging in some sensational food! 

A typical day will start with a morning hike to wake up the body with some fresh air before enjoying a delicious and healthy breakfast at the villa. Lunch will be preceded by a vigorous Pilates mat class to fire up the core and to strengthen and lengthen all the muscles of your body whilst improving your posture and flexibility. Afternoons will either be spent relaxing by the pool or exploring one of the local beaches. Each day will be wrapped up with some wonderful Yoga followed by some relaxation before sunset. Dinner will be another culinary but healthy experience and evenings will either be spent at the villa or exploring the local town.

To find out more about Maddy, click here.