The benefits of Pilates and Yoga by Madeleine Karlsson


Although there sometimes seems to be a competition between the benefits of Yoga and those of Pilates, the reality is that the two methods actually complement each other beautifully. Pilates practitioners who have taken up Yoga have seen their muscles elongate even further which in turn has benefited their range of mobility when doing Pilates. Equally Yogis who have taken up Pilates have developed their core in a different way allowing them to go deeper into their practice while staying safe. There are many reasons for this.

By practicing Pilates, Yogis will benefit from the incredible core strength that comes with a regular Pilates practice which will make inversions, balancing postures and other postures that require a lot of core strength easier. Pilates will also make Yogis more connected to their spine and help strengthen the muscles that support it in neutral, while also working on making it more flexible in a dynamic way through exercises such as the roll down and articulated bridge.

Pilates is also often seen as a “life insurance” for Yogis knees and shoulders because it helps bring awareness to their alignment and keeps all the smaller muscles surrounding those vulnerable areas strong. While Yoga tends to focus most on the back and front of the legs, Pilates works the muscles on the inside & outside of the thighs through the often torturous side lying series which aside from keeping those knees strong, will provide Yogis with an even more fabulous butt J

For those practicing Pilates, Yoga will elongate your muscles like you have never seen before and dramatically improve your range of motion in your Pilates practice. Although Pilates is renowned for building long, lean muscle, the more static stretches of Yoga will really take the lengthening of your limbs to the next level. As for your core, it will also benefit from the practice of Yoga because it will be required to work in a more static way and at the same time get challenged by working upside down through inversions. Also, Yoga will help open up your chest and further increase your capacity to extend your spine because although there are numerous exercises that extend the spine in Pilates, a lot of the work is done in flexion. Finally, while Pilates tends to give Yogis a fabulous butt, Yoga tends to give Pilates practitioners fabulous arms J

By working together, we will design Pilates & Yoga classes that will provide you with the full benefits of each practice and at the same time build on their complementarities so that your practice and your body is taken to the next level.