Agricultural museum and Boni windmill, Mykonos town

Windmills are one of the quintessential features of Mykonos. So much so that one of our daily outdoor activities, when you join us this summer, is an exploration of the Boni Windmill.

It truly is one of Mykonos Town’s most spectacular landmarks and at sunset the surrounding area is lit up creating the perfect atmosphere.

Boni is one of the best examples of 16th century windmills and is incredibly well maintained.

Although no longer in operation the windmills continue to be a symbol of Mykonos’ rich and fecund past. Most are hundreds of years old and many have been thoroughly renovated and some have even been turned into museums, the most famous of which being the Boni Windmill. The windmills of 

Mykonos are a surviving testament to the innovativeness of the island’s inhabitants who harnessed the enormous power of the wind to process the island’s produce.  

Helios Retreats’ mission is to create the perfect active holiday that provides you with daily activities so that you not only become fitter but are able to see all the various attractions that have made Mykonos the highly sought after holiday destination that it is. A destination suitable even for experienced traveller’s with the most refined tastes.

Hugo Martini Mensch, head trainer of Helios Treats asks “How many times have you come back from a typical holiday wishing to go straight out on another one just to feel like you’ve fully recharged your batteries and are finally ready for the return to the daily grind? At Helios Retreats, you’ll be feeling back in the zone after just one week.”

Helios Retreats is designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. A week in our luxury villa, eating carefully balanced nutritious meals and learning how to train your body whilst acquiring the tools to build a proactive min-set can only result with an amazing sensation of achievement and sense of purpose. This is what we aspire to achieve at Helios Retreats.