From London to Mykonos, meet Sarah Highfield

Meet Sara Highfield, our first guest teacher for this season. 

Born in Hong Kong and currently living in London, Sarah has been practising Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga for over 10 years. She currently teaches at the exclusive Bodyism studio in Notting Hill, Edge Cycle Yoga in Holborn and privately across central London.

As a Londoner, Sarah believes there is no better way to retreat from the stresses of city life than to roll out her mat, open up, stretch out and quieten the mind. She emphasizes that practicing yoga is a form of self-love & realisation, it is a wonderful way to tune into the body and mind.  As a committed teacher, she relishes being able to assist and inspire others on their yoga journey.  Her classes promote wellness, energise the body, develop strength, increase flexibility, and ultimately relax the mind.

Sarah runs London yoga and lifestyle blog, Energy For Life. You can also find her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

The retreat will be held at our villa from the 25th of May (Wednesday) until the 31st of May (Tuesday) for 6 nights, with accommodation, Yoga, HIIT Fitness Classes, Meditation, daily outdoor activities and all meals are cooked by a Gourmet Chef. 

To enjoy a chance to get a week of stretch and mindfulness led by Sarah, email us at to book your spot in the villa. We have limited availability, so today is a great day to book your place before it's too late.