Elite training, Extraordinary teachers

We handpick the most passionate and enthusiastic trainers in the fitness industry and the most inspiring yoga instructors to be part of a Helios Retreat experience. 

Hugo Martini Mensch is a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Fitness expert. An accomplished personal trainer and keen entrepreneur, Hugo is the Founder of Helios Retreats.

In his early twenties, midway through a university degree in Business Administration, Hugo made the unexpected decision to move to London to start a career in personal training. It was the beginning of a ten year journey which has led him into becoming a body transformation coach for London’s City CEOs and other prominent Entrepreneurs.

His transition into entrepreneurship in 2014 was no less extraordinary. He co-founded the a number of business alongside drawing up the early plans for what was later to become Helios Retreats.

Matt, AKA Tarzan is a renowned Strength and Conditioning coach in Australia, former Professional Australian Footballer and trainer of Athletes.

In his spare time, Matt loves traveling the world and making new friends whilst teaching sweating workout sessions at Helios Retreats.

Andrea Somer is a 28-year old personal trainer from Stockholm, Sweden. She moved from Sweden to Los Angeles 5 years ago where she now works at Equinox in West Hollywood. Certified trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and most recently certified as a Meditation Teacher. Andrea tries to inspire and motivate others through her experience as a certified fitness and meditation coach with a unique approach to improve her clients overall health both physically and mentally.

Barry’s Bootcamp hunk and Model, Harrison Sellers is one of our secret weapons when it comes to getting our guests in their best shape at a Helios Retreat!

Despite his cheeky behaviour (like falling off cliffs and backflipping into pools) Harry is a lovely chap and wouldn’t do anything in life without his Mother’s stamp of approval.

When Harry is not teaching at his sold out Barry’s classes or taking pictures for magazine covers, he is travelling the world with Helios Retreats. We are proud to have Harry with us!

My heart has always been drawn to fitness and movement.

I used to represent Great Britain in Acrobatic Gymnastics, competing across Europe. I started taking yoga classes at university and fell in love with the practice instantly.

To me, yoga is so much more than being able to bend your body in different positions. It's about discovering who you are and taking yourself on an incredible journey to get you know yourself better. What works for one person's body doesn't necessarily work for another.

Through the practice of yoga we can discover our bodies unique potential by connecting the mind, body and soul.

Born in Sweden, Malin has been living and travelling around the world as a professional model since 2008.

Despite her passion for travelling, Malin felt the fashion industry was unfulfilling and, during a retreat experience at Helios in The Bahamas, Malin has made the decision to pursuit her dreams by travelling all the way to Peru and qualify as a Yoga instructor.

‘It has been the best decision I’ve made’ says the newly 200hr qualified Yogi.

Malin’s passion for travelling and her new career as a yoga instructor has taken her back where it all began, at Helios Retreats. This time, as an important member of The Helios Team, building and running retreats with love and care around world with the Helios Retreats family.

Camilla Akerberg is a qualified personal trainer and performance nutrition coach based in Sydney. She travels the world training clients and has been a trainer at Helios fitness retreats since 2016. Camilla expertise in sculpting, toning and fat loss and brings a bubbly fun energy to our retreat family!

Tanya is a boxing coach at London’s BXR gym which is one of the best boxing gyms in the world. Specialising in building confidence with her clients whilst developing boxing skills. Whether she is taking people of the pads, showing you how to work the bag, or putting you through your paces with boxing conditioning you are set for a high energy workout that leaves you feeling good!

Tanya believes that boxing helps to give people focus and discipline and started the project Start Them Young to introduce free boxing and confidence to children that need help.

JJ is a personal trainer and pilates instructor based in London with a wealth of experience in both group and 121 training. With a varied background in dance, gymnastics and reformer pilates you can expect to work hard, feel the burn & then feel amazing after!

Out of work JJ does CrossFit, competes in all-star cheerleading and travels the world with the Helios crew.

Trishala Poulose is a certified fitness professional, born and raised in Mumbai, India currently working as a personal trainer, strength coach and boxing instructor in San Francisco, California. Trishala, fondly known as Trish, (mainly because it's easier to pronounce) moved to the US in 2014 to pursue a degree in Fashion Styling at the Academy of Art University but eventually found her way into the fitness industry because of her true passion for health and fitness and also to better other people's lives.

Trish has now received a few certifications and is currently teaching Circuit Training and Boxing in San Francisco's elite boxing gym, Hit Fit SF. She is also a trainer at Global Fitness Studio “Barry’s Bootcamp”. Trish is known for her challenging and intense workouts and puts her classes through workouts that have been tried and tested by herself first.

She is a big believer in balance and aspires to encourage and motivate women everywhere in the world not to be intimidated by weights & to walk into a gym feeling confident and capable.

Yoga is not just something Nicola loves to practice herself, it's something she loves to teach and share with as many people as possible. Her classes focus on helping you find a time and space for yourself, to disconnect to reconnect, and help you feel your most positive and vibrant self no matter what time or day it is.

Nicola studied yoga in the heart of India, has collaborated with yoga brands such as Sweaty Betty, and continues to share her uplifting energy and heart warming classes and events through founding her own yoga business in the UK.

"Practicing yoga on a retreat is like have three retreats in one. One for your mind, one for your body, and one for your soul"- Nicola Rowe

Sofie Kraft is a free spririt and certified multi-style yoga teacher with the world as her playground. Apart from her teacher training she completed in India, she is a compassionate, empathetic and adaptable teacher with a well rounded knowledge and passion for Yoga.

Her practice is a combination of vinyasa, flow and hatha.
She offer explanation that help to create awareness of the asanas and the connection of the mind and spirit. Working with the elements, nature, our inner wisdom and guiding us back home through her passion and purpose.

A passion for connection and an expanse of mind-body-soul wisdom acquired through his own journey as a ex-professional soccer player and sports therapist continually inspires Marc to explore the human body. When he came across the ancient teachings of yoga his soul and mind lit up. Learning that the ancient spiritual science offers a direct means of stilling the natural turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body and mind. His curiosity of self and our connections with others and the world Marc loves to share and endeavours to create a space for others to tap into their true nature, higher self… your teacher within you.

Marc’s classes combine physical precision flow with fun and soulful exploration of yoga. The experience is a quest of self discovery to unlock true potential that reaches beyond the status quo.

Alex Sesto

David is a fun and knowledgeable trainer with over 9 years of experience coaching both group and individuals.

After graduating from university twice, he has been helping hundreds of people get in great shape and really enjoy the process.

David believes that training should be enjoyable and beneficial, so get ready to smile and sweat simultaneously.

Ioannis is an international pro MMA and Brazilian jiujitsu fighter holding a professional record in MMA of 16-9-1 with fights all over the world. He also competes in Muay Thai with an undefeated record of 5-0 muay Thai record. Early in his life, Ioannis was working as an accountant until he decided to follow his path and decided to leave everything behind to dedicate his life to fitness and martial arts.

His boxing sessions are fun dynamic and hard. Ioannis loves helping and guiding our guests, motivating them into building confidence and achieving their best potential.

Based out of New York City, Anthony has developed a household name for himself within the fitness industry, providing training throughout the country utilizing his complete 60/70(TM) workout plan.

Anthony's clients range from businessmen and women to theater professionals. Many of clients can currently be seen on Broadway, television, and in feature films. Anthony has joined forces with top theater programs throughout the country (including Carnegie Mellon, CCM, and NYU), providing fitness training for students in preparation for upcoming productions and for Senior Showcase. Anthony strives to create an environment where clients grow both physical and mental strength during their time working together.

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Pre-Post Natal Certification
Creator of 60/70 (TM)

Sarah Highfield is a 200 hour RYS yoga teacher and relishes inspiring others on their yoga journey. With over a decade of yoga experience she knows first-hand how city life can impact stress levels. She has worked with Form Studios, Bodyism, Inspira Yoga and Edge, in addition to that, she was also recently nominated by the London Evening Standard as one of London's top 10 yoga teachers to follow on Instagram. Her classes focus on energising the body, opening up and ultimately relaxing the mind and body.

Sessions with Sarah provide a retreat from the stresses of the city and enables clients to take a moment for themselves, where they can switch off from the world, turn off their phone and relax. Each class is challenging yet playful, delivered in a mix of English and Sanskrit, with easy to understand demonstrations and optional hands on adjustments. Sarah’s classes will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Tom Trotter an Ex Professional and England counties U20 rugby player, hugely passionate about sport and fitness and a fun outgoing Sports Presenter.

Tom’s dedicated healthy lifestyle has led him to embark on a career in Personal training where he has naturally gained a large following with his stand out qualities of dedicated daily fitness posts.


The first time I tried yoga, I was a freshman in high school and was immediately hooked! I loved discovering new ways to move my body and enjoyed the mental clarity that came along with my daily yoga practice. Fast forward to 2015...that's when I decided to share the gift of yoga with others and became a certified yoga instructor with Sadhana Yoga School in Fiji. In 2018, I deepened my understanding and teachings of yoga and received my RYT-500 certification from the School Yoga Institute in Peru. Health and wellness have always been a big part of my life and as a certified plant based nutritionist, I love helping others discover the positive benefits of living a compassionate, vegan lifestyle. I hope to enlighten and inspire others to make more conscious choices that benefit their mind, body, spirit and the environment.

Love & Light,


Lee is a highly motivated Fitness professional, ‘hungry’ - for knowledge and bettering himself every day - in his own words.

Lee is an incredibly approachable trainer and loves to help people, whether that be to educate on nutrition or train a for a specific goal, Lee has got you covered.

Lee’s true forte lies within group functional training where he believes anyone can achieve the level of fitness they desire if they apply the right mindset and dedication needed to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Having competed in both a mens physique competition and more recently, Functional Fitness competitions, Lee’s knowledge around training for either performance or aesthetics is very impressive.

Dora is a Croatian Yogini, Kinesiotherapist and Yoga Teacher.

At the age of 22 she moved to London in order to complete her MA in Sports Science. Carried on

practicing with various teachers at different Yoga Studios, she recognised the actual passion and energy for sharing each and every single benefit that same practice had brought along.

For Dora, Yoga practice has always been a healing process first. She thinks people need to be reminded of their true purpose in a fun and subtle way and is happy to offer the right tools they can use to get to know themselves better as well as to find their own way back to already existing but forgotten- their remarkable energy and pure serenity.

Dora sek

Who We Are

Since 2015, we have been operating Wellness getaways at luxurious destinations around the world. We’re filling a void as a Wellness brand for the time poor and adventure hungry professionals out there.

What we do

Helios Retreats is a worldwide Wellness community, connecting and curating experiences for like-minded people from all corners of the world. We love seeing our guests come in as strangers and leave as friends. Our intention for our guests is to reboot, recharge and refocus their body, mind and soul.

Mission Statement

Establish Helios Retreats as the premier purveyor of the finest Wellness Retreats in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.

We started before it was cool!

Started in March 2015, our game changing retreats quickly became known as the best Fitness & Yoga retreat in Europe. London based PT Hugo Martini Mensch creates an innovative way to escape boring holidays, hand-picking spectacular destinations to host week long active getaways, enhancing your well-being with Fitness, Yoga and reconnecting with nature through outdoor activities.

All of that without losing the fun aspect of being away on holiday and meeting new people!

So, You Want to be Part of Helios...

Helios Retreats is an exciting company to be part of. We invite you to travel the world, expand your network and most importantly, get paid to do what you love the most!

Are you ready to be part of the Helios Family and create magic?

We’re seeking magnetic souls with great energy that have what it takes to lead our retreats.

With so much going on, Hugo and The Helios Team is always on the lookout for passionate Fit-pros and Yogis with a zest for life, servant leadership mentality, excellent at their coaching skills who loves traveling and connecting with like-minded people to be part of this amazing adventure.

Becoming a Helios Trainer is something to be proud of, a benchmark that will undoubtedly facilitate in recognition and merit your development within your industry.

The ultimate reward of becoming a Helios Trainer is to get paid to travel the world doing what you love. Join the HELIOS FAMILY!


Make the world your oyster and sign up today to become a Helios Trainer, email hugo@helios-retreats.com and let’s build an adventure of a lifetime.