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Hugo martini mensch

Hugo Martini Mensch is a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Fitness expert. An accomplished personal trainer and keen entrepreneur, Hugo is the Founder of Helios Retreats. 

In his early twenties, midway through a university degree in Business Administration, Hugo made the unexpected decision to move to London to start a career in personal training. It was the beginning of a ten year journey which has led him into becoming a body transformation coach for London’s City CEOs and other prominent Entrepreneurs. 

His transition into entrepreneurship in 2014 was no less extraordinary. He co-founded the a number of business alongside drawing up the early plans for what was later to become Helios Retreats. 

Sarah Highfield

Sarah Highfield is a 200 hour RYS yoga teacher and relishes inspiring others on their yoga journey. With over a decade of yoga experience she knows first-hand how city life can impact stress levels. She has worked with Form Studios, Bodyism, Inspira Yoga and Edge, in addition to that, she was also recently nominated by the London Evening Standard as one of London's top 10 yoga teachers to follow on Instagram.  Her classes focus on energising the body, opening up and ultimately relaxing the mind and body.

Sessions with Sarah provide a retreat from the stresses of the city and enables clients to take a moment for themselves, where they can switch off from the world, turn off their phone and relax.  Each class is challenging yet playful, delivered in a mix of English and Sanskrit, with easy to understand demonstrations and optional hands on adjustments. Sarah’s classes will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Danny Osborne

Danny started learning about health and fitness from a young age when he spent his youth as a high board diver. Ranked in the top three nationally in his age group for many years, he qualified for the Junior Olympic  Programme. During this time he gained as much knowledge and experience as he could from the team GB strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, sports psychologists and other sport and fitness experts. After quitting the sport due to injury he attained his high level personal training qualifications as well as becoming a qualified sports massage therapist.

Since qualifying, he has furthered his experience and knowledge and become the trusted personal trainer to an extensive list of happy high profile clients. He has also taken and designed group classes which have been featured in the national press. He continued his hobby of sport by training in boxing, kickboxing and other mixed martial arts. To gain more experience in body transformation he also competed in bodybuilding in the UKBFF physique category.

His training approach is very technical, safe, fun, yet intense. He tailors the complexity of his training sessions to the clientsneeds and capabilities. From fat loss, muscle building, general health and fitness to postural correction and sporting performance, he is always striving for the best results possible for the client.


Vivian Fonseca

Vivian is a personal trainer with a specialisation a functional training and a degree in Sports Science. Creator and founder of VFF (Vivian functional Fitness) Brazil /UK and the famous class with resistance bands called BRAZILIANMETHOD (winner of the best bottom class according to Tattler magazine)

Vivian's passion for body physiology and metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases culminated in several publications in medical andsport science journals. Vivian's versatility in training attract clients from different backgrounds, from high power executives to notable catwalk models.  The methodology is focused to give her clients body balance, strength, mobility and coordination.


Don't just take our word for it... Read what people experience when they meet Hugo and spend a week at his retreats. (For More testimonials, check our facebook page

"We were at Hugo's retreat in early May and had a great time. We had a very good overall experience, with the highlights being the amazing food, the workouts in a beautiful setting and the great bunch of people we met and became friends with. While not entirely new to us since we had truly got on the health and fitness bandwagon in 2015, the morning lemon water and run, the yummy smoothies and the delicious yet healthy food from the retreat are things we were inspired to incorporate more in our daily routines. The circuit training/HIIT were challenging but also mixed up well by Hugo for all levels and the meditation and yoga sessions were relaxing. What we particularly liked about the week was that we also got time to unwind, relax and get to know the fellow bootcamp-ers even though there was a lot of training throughout the week."

- Suraj Ravindran

Hey Hugo,

“Thanks for an amazing week at your retreat, I learnt so much and came away with some real results in just 5 days - amazing! I hope all goes well with your next house and new guests. Look forward to seeing you soon.”

- Henri

"Had a sick time at Hugo's Retreat, really accommodating and they know how to get you in shape and training the right way. Really approachable team and are a great laugh to. Would highly recommend great experience and they really know there stuff trainers you can trust, get involved!"

Tom Gilling

“Had such a fab time at Hugo's retreat, that this feedback is a must! 

I have a long way to go yet, but this trip has really got me out of a funk, cleared my mind, body and soul. Literally!

Before I came to the retreat, I was feeling sluggish, unmotivated to exercise and generally felt powerless to upkeep a healthy routine. So I felt I needed to get out of London, away from my routine, at least for a while; to find myself, and re-charge my batteries. And that was also a huge benefit of the trip!

As soon as we arrived and for the rest of the week, we were made to feel at home by the awesome owner Hugo and his friendly and dedicated team. It was “mi casa, tu casa” kinda vibe. They went above and beyond to ensure we had the best time possible. These guys are pretty hot in what they do - the camp is far from the stereotypical “army like“ bootcamp that you see everywhere. They don't force or shout at you, but rather encourage. And that's what made the high intensity exercises an enjoyable challenge.The fresh air and idyllic scenery were just the icing on the huge fat-free-low-cal-healthy cake

I felt that the camp helped to reinforce the concept of healthy living for life and not just for a quick fix. There are so many highs for me, it's hard to single out just one... The food was totally amazing!! No boring rabbit food here. Who knew healthy food could be so freaking tasty! Think nutritiously balanced, fresh produce and carefully sourced. But prepared in a way that makes your taste buds scream "umami"! Can't wait to try to replicate some of the yumminess back home.

Little touches, like being woken up in the morning with by a staff with a friendly smile and a glass warm lemon water, are really cool; and helped to kick-start my day in a positive vibe.

We were also taken to exercise in the best spots on the island, like hiking through the biggest sandy cliff ever! Tough but totally worth every pain and ache in my body. I could definitely feel the powerful energy of the island and magical nature all round. It helped to heal my body and mind.

Big thanks to all the team for a wonderful time, and for helping to kick my behind back into a healthy lifestyle!

PS: Looking forward to catching up with my fellow bootcampers back in London soon! xxx”

Fabiana Andrade

"These guys know their stuff and are really committed to deliver results."

Virgil Brewster

“I come to London twice a year (from Dubai) and I always rely on Hugo to keep my training regime when I'm in the UK. Hugo was recommended from my personal trainer in Dubai and I can tell you I've tried around 4-5 other trainers till I found someone with his caliber. I am more than happy to recommend Hugo to anyone who is serious about training and ready for a definite change of physique.”

- Talha

“I have been working out with Hugo for over a year. I have been working with personal trainers for over 7  years. As a result of working with Hugo I have made more progress in one year than I have made  in the last 7. I have lost weight and gained muscle. Friends who had not seem me for the last 6 months have commented on my progress. I feel better and have more energy. there is just one problem. I will have to buy new suits.” 

- John O'Sullivan

"My wife and I recently spent a fantastic week at Helios Retreats. 

We were met at the airport by the very charming Mr Hugo Martini and whisked away through the beautiful countryside to the amazing villa. Where we were settled in to our rooms introduced to members of staff and the other guests.

We were immediately impressed by the super friendly laid back yet extremely professional service.

The location/venue ; fantastic luxury villa great setting and with so much space you never feel that there is a large group there / comfortable and beautifully clean.
The awesome hikes to the beautiful sites around the island and wonderful boat trip were great fun.
The food was a real eye opener. Truly delicious /healthy and will definitely reinvigorate your passion for creating more balanced nutritious food at home.
I can't recommend it highly enough, great venue, great training,great staff! A real credit to Hugo and the staff.
Definitely feel rejuvenated , made some great fiends my and both myself and my wife managed to drop a few kilos of unwanted body fat thanks to the programme. What more can I say..... What a week!!!”

David Horton

“Hey Hugo. Thanks for an amazing retreat my friend and all of your motivation and advice last week. You're a legend. Had a brilliant week and now feel set up for summer.

Best bits:

1) Hugo's awesome training sessions

2) Food/Nutrition - has to be eaten to be believed!
3) Fellow Bootcampers.

I've got sooo many people interested in coming over, so will send some referrals soon.”

Martin Ryan

“Absolutely unbelievable experience!!!! Highly highly recommended!! Met some of the most amazing people during my week there and learnt so much about health, wellbeing and different foods! 

This is a must!”

Rish Dhealley

“Absolutely amazing package! ! highly recommended. Hugo is an amazing trainer with exceptional attention to detail. Thank you!”

- Luke Miskelly

“I've never been to a bootcamp or a detox/yoga retreat before (although I've done some pretty crazy sh** exercise-wise over the years!!), so have nothing to compare it to. Firstly, it's worth mentioning that the Hugo's Retreats have just started - a good thing in my opinion, because they really bend over backwards to make sure you have the best time! There's so much love & care in everything: filtered water jugs infused with herbs & fruit; being woken up in the morning with a knock on the door, a glass of warm water with lemon juice & pink salt in hand and a smile; the huge variety of activities on offer throughout the day - from full-on interval training on the beach to things like star-gazing and candle mediation. Food is unbelievably delicious (probably some of the yummiest healthy food i've had the pleasure of trying)! This is no "boiled chicken breast & two veg", but scrumptious, varied, beautifully presented dishes, with all sorts of superfoods, local ingredients, spices, etc. There were even healthy desserts on offer to finish off every dinner! Let's just say, if ever I needed a personal chef at home, i'd hire The Ibiza Kitchen (the team in charge of our food) without a second thought!

Our villa was pretty spectacular, as some of you may have seen from my pics smile emoticon Training somehow felt much less painful with the stunning San Antonio bay as a backdrop and the numerous cosy areas to chill out at in-between the sessions.

Mind you, it was still some pretty hardcore exercise! Lots of circuit training, running laps, abs, legs & arms, yoga, swimming, hiking - we did it all! No two days were ever entirely the same. Do you need to be pretty fit before you go? Ideally, but not necessarily. You are encouraged to keep up (and will want to, otherwise what's the point?!), but never feel ashamed, tortured or bullied into it!

In the end, it wasn't a bootcamp in the traditional sense of the word - at least not what i imagined a bootcamp to be! There's no military uniform and being woken at dawn with a splash of cold water across your face - although you do start working out from 8am onwards. I've read that there's a proper army-style bootcamp somewhere on the island, where you even sleep in a dorm. Ok, that might be KINDA fun (if you're a masochist!), and you may lose weight, but ultimately it doesn't teach you much about sustaining the results and good health for life - Hugo's Retreat does. You are shown first-hand that a healthy lifestyle can be delicious & fun, and that it's about so much more than a number on your scales. I know that my fellow bootcampers have left inspired and excited about cooking at home more and making more time for regular exercise.

The team will entertain you with their tales from Burning Man, other exotic travels and about the magnetic energy of the island, then put some deep house music on to go with the dinner. You spend the week all together in our temporary "casa" and almost feel like you're all just a bunch of friends on holidays... except there's a small matter of working out to complete!

Our group of 8 was quite a varied bunch (personal trainers on holiday, a fitness blogger, an Ibiza-based DJ & music producer, an accountant, a PR and a doctor), yet exercise, delicious food, sauna sessions, swims, hikes and day trips united us into a little team I'm really looking forward to seeing those guys again back in London! Thanks to these amazing people, as well as Hugo (the owner) and his wonderful team, for all that fun. It can be so rewarding to get out of your comfort zone from time to time I'll be back very soon!”

Alena Kravchenko