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Mykonos fitness & Yoga retreat

may 5TH-11th 2019 | may 12TH-18th 2019 | may 19th-25th 2019 | may 26th-1st (june) 2019 | September 8th-14th 2019 |

The heart of Helios belongs to Mykonos, the place where it all began. Our Mykonos retreat brings out the best of the Greek experience—fresh island life and tranquil outdoors. Stay in our luxury villa by the Aegean sea and enjoy a mixture of yoga and high-intensity training. Explore the Old Town of Mykonos, bike or hike around the scenic mountaintops, and enjoy bespoke meals. Finally, unwind with guided meditations and massages.



March 21-25th , 2019

Morocco Fitness & Yoga retreat


Craving a balance of both adventure and tranquility? Our Morocco retreat -  located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains - is the best summertime wellness getaway for anyone seeking sweat and spontaneity. Daily HIIT workouts and yoga classes taught by Helios' world class instructors ensure a satisfying and complete physical detox. Enjoy delicious daily Moroccan meals curated and immerse yourself into the mystical Berber culture during our excursions into the famous Atlas Mountains. In between workouts, relax by the pool and indulge your culinary curiosities at this exquisite Moroccan retreat.



December 2-8th(sold out) & December 9-15th (Sold out)

1-7th September 2019 (early bird bookings now on)

bahamas Fitness & yoga retreat

These retreats will be epic! Rejuvenate your body and soul and explore the Bahamas for 7 days and 6 nights on the breathtaking island of Eleuthera. Thinking of paradise? Think of Helios Retreats Bahamas. We are all set to take over a beautiful villa called Helios House (it was meant to be!)