Mykonos fitness & Yoga retreat

September 8th-14th 2019 Sold out | September 15th-21st 2019 | may 1st-7th 2020 |

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The heart of Helios belongs to Mykonos, the place where it all began. Our Mykonos retreat brings out the best of the Greek experience—fresh island life and tranquil outdoors. Stay in our luxury villa by the Aegean sea and enjoy a mixture of yoga and high-intensity training. Explore the Old Town of Mykonos, bike or hike around the scenic mountaintops, and enjoy bespoke meals. Finally, unwind with guided meditations and massages.



Morocco Fitness & Yoga retreat

February 12-16th 2020 |


Craving a balance of both adventure and tranquility? Our Morocco retreat -  located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains - is the best summertime wellness getaway for anyone seeking sweat and spontaneity. Daily HIIT workouts and yoga classes taught by Helios' world class instructors ensure a satisfying and complete physical detox. Enjoy delicious daily Moroccan meals curated and immerse yourself into the mystical Berber culture during our excursions into the famous Atlas Mountains. In between workouts, relax by the pool and indulge your culinary curiosities at this exquisite Moroccan retreat.

STARTING FROM: £1,200 pp


bahamas Fitness & yoga retreat

october 19th - 25th 2019 SOLD OUT | October 26th -1st (Nov) 2019 SOLD OUT | November 2nd-8th 2019 SOLd out

Helios Retreats Bahamas will be epic! Rejuvenate your body and soul and explore the Bahamas for 7 days and 6 nights on the breathtaking island of Eleuthera. This exclusive trip will include hikes around the famous Levy Preserve, a boat trip to visit the most famous Piggies in the world, swim with sharks and our very own Helios Biathlon! These are only a few of the cultural and action based activities on offer on the Bahamas.

Thinking of paradise? Think of Helios Retreats Bahamas. We are all set to take over a beautiful villa called Helios House (it was meant to be!)


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a series of luxurious retreats at 5 stars resorts around the world


Tuscany, italy Fitness & Yoga retreats


Experience luxury and design in an original and unique way in this exclusive location in the fascinating Maremma Tuscany, a striking land that stretches between the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and Tuscany’s rolling hills.

The Helios Retreats in Tuscany will be at Argentario 5 Star Golf Resort & Spa with design rooms, one 18-hole golf course, a Wellness Spa Centre and Two Restaurants. This trip will include breathtaking hikes around the Argentario Natural Reserve, mountain biking and wine tasting at a nearby vineyard are only a few of the cultural and action based activities on offer at Helios Retreats Tuscany.

Among its most exclusive locations is the Silver Coast (Argentario), famous for its crystal-clear waters and wild nature. Thanks to a mild climate, the Maremma and the Argentario offer a wide choice of activities that can be enjoyed not only during the summer, but throughout the year.



Sri Lanka Fitness & Yoga retreats

March 2020

A new frontier for wellness travellers, Helios Retreats Sri Lanka is a place to experience Asian culture and cuisine in the cradle of comfort and luxury. This trip will include the chance to Whale watching, surfing, a visit to one of Sri Lanka’s animal reserves, and tea tasting at a nearby plantation are only a few of the cultural and action based activities on offer at the Helios Retreats.

The stunning Ani Villas, a 15-bedroom suites estate combines contemporary tropical architecture with the finest bespoke finishes and furnishings will be our first residency in South East Asia. The facility includes a spa, oversized oceanfront pools, and a plethora of spaces for dining, Fitness activities and Yoga.